Because Philips Hue is far too expensive and convenient

I can now turn my lights on and off from my phone Short update to keep this half-working with Linux Kernel 4.19 here I forget exactly what drove me to do this, probably sheer laziness; I was getting tired of getting out of bed to turn the lights in my bedroom on and off. In the age of the smartphone and internet of things, it seemed obvious to try some sort of internet-enabled solution, just in case I was ever on the other side of the planet and wanted to turn my lights on. [Read More]


Well that was an effort.

In case you haven’t noticed, this page is Powered By Hugo ©️. Hugo is a very nice static website engine, taking your neatly arranged directories full of Markdown files and converting it into a pretty website. I had tried to do something similar with Flask but the process of getting a kind of “dynamically-static” site running where I could just drop in new files was too much of a faff. Then a friend recommended Hugo which, after a couple of days of messing about, seems perfect for my use case. [Read More]