RaspIR Update for Linux Kernel 4.19

Quick update for the RaspIR post I made a while back.

After updating the Linux kernel on my Raspberry Pi a few days ago and rebooting, I was met with the unfortunate scenario of being unable to turn my lights on and off. After a few hours of furious Googling, it turns out that the lirc-rpi module hasn’t made it into 4.19, instead gpio-ir and gpio-ir-tx are recommended to replace it.

This necessitates a very small change to get it working again, altering /boot/config.txt:


Unfortunately this only enables a single device for sending (/dev/lirc0). I’m still investigating how best to re-enable receiving IR input. By the sounds of things (see here), more work is required to maintain compatibility with LIRC’s irrecord and gpio-ir. Hence, I think I may have to do a complete rewrite without using LIRC and using e.g. ir-ctl and ir-keytable. But that’s something for another day.